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Btw I see you fine tuning everything and it’s amazing to watch! From the candles themselves to the vessels & cute bags to all the fine tuning with your stickers & cards... and the candies even! I know how much work goes into these things and you are nailing it all!! 👏👏👏


Hey Girl!!!

Just wanted to drop by & say THANK YOU! The candles smelt SO good, my boyfriend said the whole house smelt like them ... & I hadn’t even lit it yet! I also gifted a bunch to the salon girls & they all LOVED them!!!! The candles are absolutely beautiful & it shows that they’re made with love. Everyone asked for your page & website! I’m so grateful for your magic hands & these candles! Hoping you get some time off & get to spend the holidays with family. Happy new year!❤️💐


I love it thanks I will definitely be back and I definitely am referring all my candle lovers to you! So amazing bomb!


It's the Non-Toxic Candles for Us